Let Mow Green maintain your lawn quietly and free of emissions.


Mow Green Lawn Service is an all-electric lawn care maintenance provider. Our equipment is strictly battery-powered. This means zero emissions and is roughly half as loud as standard lawn equipment… Think Tesla of lawn care!

Hiring a lawn service gives you something we could all use a little more off… TIME! Time to get more work done, spend with the family, have fun, or just relax. Of course, any lawn care company can give you that. Mow Green Lawn Service is different. Our methods focus on quality service done in a sustainable way.

Zero-emissions ensures no long-term impact after the job is done. This is better for the environment at large and therefore makes for a sustainable business model. On the other hand, the low noise of an electric motor provides for a more pleasant experience at home or the office.



"Mow Green Lawn Service provides premium lawn care that listens. The last company I used only came twice a month. Mow Green worked out a plan to come by more in the summer and less in the winter. They recognized I had a problem and managed a solution. I highly urge you to contact Mow Green Lawn Service today!"
"I am astounded by the level of detail and care they provide. My yard looks just looks sharp when they're done."
"As a nurse who works nights, sleep during the day is precious. Mow Green Lawn Service allows me to keep my schedule while still providing superb work on my yard. No more waking up from those noisy mowers right outside my window."

Our website is currently under construction, but rest assured our business is not!

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